Votes Are In: Overlay Zone NOT Recommended by Planning Commission

Great News! Last night (Aug. 30), in the face of overwhelming citizen turnout, the Planning Commission voted (3 to 2) to NOT recommend use of the Overlay Zone for the proposed Willshire Development. Without being granted the use of the Overlay Zone, developer Miller & Smith cannot move forward with the proposal as it now stands (61 homes on 1/10 acre lots). While Miller & Smith are still able to request use of the Overlay Zone from the Town Commissioners for their current plan, our Commissioners will have to weigh this request alongside the Planning Commission's recommendation. Last night's vote--while not the end of this story--is nonetheless a win for those of us who believe that dense development is not right for our small town.

Many thanks to all of you for tuning in and being a part of our local governance: your signatures, letter-writing, attendance and compelling testimony at meetings has made a big difference. Thanks to Montgomery Countryside Alliance for their work on this effort. And thanks to our Planning Commission members for their hard work in this process and for weighing the concerns of the community in their decision-making (e-mail them at if you'd like to thank them yourself).

If you couldn't make it to the meeting stay tuned for our Recap, which will have a more in-depth account. In the meantime, you can join the other 1,000+ folks who watched a live-stream of the meeting on Facebook, kindly recorded by Brooks Martin. The video is still available for viewing on the Town of Poolesville Community Information Facebook page. 

Thanks for your hard work! Stay tuned for the next steps in this important process.