MCA Community Legal Fund Underway

Our Strategy Meeting on April 8th was well-attended and very productive. We discussed next steps for PoP as we work to address the scale and scope of Willshire. A number of strategies to reach out to and inform both our community and our elected officials have been outlined. We now have an updated task list for which people are welcome to sign up. Please contact us if you'd like to help; we have a range of tasks, some that require a minimum of work if you're limited for time. 

Montgomery Countryside Alliance (MCA) Executive Director, Caroline Taylor, announced at the meeting that plans for a community legal fund are underway, should the community need to take stronger action to ensure that Willshire is harmonious with its surroundings. If the time comes, PoP will aid this effort by keeping you informed about how you can contribute to the cause. In the meantime, we will continue to circulate the Petition for Lower Density (currently with 622 signatures), provide recaps of important town meetings, announce relevant updates and events, and work to reach a broader audience. 

Many thanks for your support!