Protect Our Poolesville (PoP) Take-Aways: June 20 Commissioners Meeting

The June 20th meeting had approximately 15 people in the audience.

It appears that the Town Commissioners will likely select ARRO Construction Inc. to design and implement a new streetscape for Fisher Avenue. Streetscape improvements would extend from Wootten Avenue to Cobb Avenue. According to the ARRO proposal, the improved streetscape would provide a “transition from the agricultural reserve into the downtown commercial district” of Poolesville. The proposal specifies the following objectives:

“…incorporating measures to provide traffic calming where practical, provide safe pedestrian crossings, and provide aesthetic improvements to the corridor that reflects the Town’s character and historic elements.”

The Town Commissioners are considering taking Fisher Avenue over from the state. The full implications of this are not fully known. Although it is known that Poolesville would then assume all infrastructure maintenance costs for the roadway. 

Some of the commissioners questioned whether or not Poolesville should move ahead with the streetscape plan until: 1.) the ownership of Fisher Ave. is decided and, 2.) we know what will happen with development on the Willard property. According to the Town Commissioners, the streetscape would ideally take Poolesville through the next 30 to 40 years. 

An audience member asked about the status of the Willard/Willshire development. It appears that the developer is currently preparing a PR campaign to be launched in conjunction with an updated development plan that will be publically presented to the town.


Although the new Willard/Willshire plan will be revised, it is our responsibility as town residents to scrutinize all plans carefully and weigh the consequences of this and other development. Things like added traffic, available green space, how close to the self-imposed 6,500 resident limit this will bring us, impacts on the John Poole House, our water supply and the threat of drought, and whether the town sewage system can handle the added stress must all be taken under serious consideration. 


We need to make the will of the town's residents known: please encourage your neighbors to sign up with PoP so that we—as a town—can be informed and organized. 

The next Town Commissioner Meeting is July 18 and the streetscape plan will be discussed in detail at this meeting. We hope to see you there!