Organized Neighborhood Response to Proposed Plans

Poolesville residents with property adjacent to and downstream from the proposed 96-home subdivision received development plans via certified mail. An accompanying letter from CMS Associates, LLC explained that the plans are a Stormwater Management Concept for Willshire (Willard Property), submitted to Montgomery County for water resource compliance and permitting. The letter states:

"You, as an adjacent/downstream landowner, may provide in writing to DPS any information which you feel is pertinent to the proposed stormwater management concept plan review, and which you think should influence action taken by DPS when determining stormwater runoff requirements."

A group of neighbors with affected properties have come together to organize a unified, informed response to Montgomery County that addresses stormwater management issues. After consulting a water specialist and county government officials, this group is drafting a well-researched, written response to Montgomery County, Department of Permitting Services (Water Resources Section).

We will post all related updates here. 

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