POP Community Meeting A Success

Thanks to all of you who made it out to our Oct. 19 Community Meeting. We had a great showing.

We are also happy to share the news that Martin Radigan (one of the POP co-founders) will be running for a seat on the Town Commission, primarily on a sensible growth platform. You will be able to check out all of the candidates at the Oct. 30 Forum, 6:30pm at Town Hall (although venue may change to accommodate a larger crowd).

For those folks who couldn't make it, you can expect to see a recap posted here soon. Check out our Fact Sheet, compiled by land-use expert Richard Klein of Community & Environmental Defense Services. The Fact Sheet and Klein's PowerPoint presentation from the meeting contain valuable information, as does Caroline Taylor's (of Montgomery Countryside Alliance) PowerPoint--take a moment to read them before going in to the Oct. 26 Planning Commission Meeting

And finally: check out the images(below) of two alternatives to Willshire that we presented at the meeting. These were drawn up by an architect familiar with Poolesville and experienced with preservation issues. We find them to be compelling examples of development that could enhance the look of our Town Center and flow nicely with Whalen Commons.