Protect Poolesville High School (PHS)

The current Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) Capital Improvement Priorities plan is for PHS to be rebuilt in 2023. MCPS Superintendent Dr. Jack R. Smith has presented to the Board of Education a change to the Capital Improvement Priorities plan. If this change is approved, the PHS modernization will likely be postponed for another 20 to 30 years--it would not mean just another short delay. Click here to see the fact sheet and a timeline of renovation dates as they've changed over the years.

Click here to watch NBC4 coverage of the Nov. 8 Board of Education Meeting.

Here's what you can do now:

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Send an e-mail

Send an e-mail to the MCPS Board of Education members. Click the link below to access an email template, already written for your convenience. You can either 1.) simply copy and send, or 2.) copy and personalize the template to include your unique voice before you send. 

Questions? Contact Kevin Schramm at