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The image below provides a timeline of changed dates for the PHS Renovation. PHS is highlighted for your reference.

MCPS CIP Timeline[10595].jpg

summary of issues

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Superintendent Dr. Jack R. Smith presented to the Board of Education (BOE) his Recommended FY 2019 Capital Budget and the FY 2019-2024 Capital Improvements Program. The Poolesville PTA does not take issue with most of the Superintendents’ recommendations—we understand capacity issues county-wide. But the PTA can’t support his recommendation to change Poolesville High Schools’ (PHS) modernization completion date from 2023 to “TBD”. Poolesville can’t wait another 20 to 30 years to get a school.

PHS was built in 1953. We were given a gym and cosmetics in 1978. PHS was projected to be modernized in 2010 when it was given a FACT score in the 1990s. In 2006, MCPS Staff and members of the PHS community met to plan in anticipation of a 2012 date. The 2008 financial crisis had a devastating impact on the revenues of all levels of government. We understood that PHS’s modernization date would be impacted; however, the delay was not a year or two, but over a decade. The 2022 modernization was later changed to 2023. The latest date – “TBD”—is an insult to all the residents of Poolesville and the families from around the county that send their children to Poolesville. 

Poolesville High School is in bad shape:

·       poor plumbing due to hard water issues

·       water damage to ceilings throughout

·       exposed wiring

·       areas in the school have no sprinkler system

·       bathroom doors--NOT ADA-compliant 

·       only one ADA ramp coming out of school

·       entrance/exit adjacent to the Media Center not ADA compliant

·       no separate storage rooms in the school - showers/locker rooms are used for storage

·       no space large enough in the building for the entire student body to congregate

·       small auditorium (456 seats)

·       both auditorium wings are used as classrooms (one is designated as the band room)

·       encapsulated asbestos throughout

·       patched tiles throughout

·       cafeteria, approx. 53x80: <100 students are served there (others go elsewhere)

·       no loading dock into facility

·       no wrestling room

·       weight room resides in old converted automotive shop

·       no dance space

·       no gymnastics room

·       poms and cheer groups practice in the cafeteria

·       fields are used for multiple varsity and junior varsity sports

·       "back door" of the school (leading to science building) is unlocked all day